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64210 BIDART
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Web www.aerodrones.com

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Installed in the center of the French world competitiveness “Aerospace Valley” cluster and AETOS cluster, AERODRONES is an innovative company specialized in remote control-command and processing solutions for autonomous systems such as UAVs, payloads… Sin


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Phone 0661548371
E-mail hubert.forgeot@aerodrones.com

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• Remote control-command solutions (hardware and software) for gimbals, autonomous systems such as UAV,… • Advanced video and image processing solutions.

Own products
Ground control station for mission system • 2D / 3D virtual environment • Standard GIS map formats and geo-referencing tools • Mission preparation, execution, recording/replay • 3D flight plan editor • Fully autonomous or assisted flight modes • Real time 
Customer References
Survey Copter, We control, Ministère de l'Intérieur, Thalès R&T, DGA 
R&D Labs NATO Standards 


Mission and Surveillance Software for Airborne Systems (drone, UAV, helicopter, gimbal...) 

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