Paris Air Show 2023 G143


rue Jean François Cail, ZI Nord

85400 Luçon

Contact : Christiane SLIDEL

SMP BAUDRY has all the qualifications and certifications specific to the aeronautics sector for the machining of parts with high quality requirements. SMP Baudry is specialised in high precision machining of parts by the unit or in small series and in particular of prototypes with high quality requirements, in a wide range of aeronautical materials. Thanks to our skills, we are able to manufacture complex mechanical assemblies, assemble, check and functionally test them. Our company is an approved supplier of major international groups with high standards: aeronautics (on-board parts), space, defence, nuclear. Our human and material resources, recently consolidated by major investments (4 CAD/CAM programmers, continuous 5-axis centres, NC grinders, continuous 4-axis, EDM), enable us to respond rapidly to requests.

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