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The NATAC developed by Voliris is an automatic air shuttle to carry 40-ft containers and up to 30 tons. Ultimately NATAC is a game changer as railways were, in the 19th century, for the American western territories. It is designed to facilitate in a sustainable way the economic development of uninhabited areas such as Sahara, Siberia, Mongolia, Australia, Arctic or Antarctic. By using unmanned aircraft and hybrid airship technologies, a NATAC aims at being the cheapest and most sustainable mean of transportation in areas where there are no roads. It is a flexible low cost airbridge. To transport 30,000 tons of freight per year (i.e. a truck per day), the NATAC air shuttle will be more cost effective than a traditional truck liaison when the cost of maintaining the road for the truck is taken into account.


Member of the cluster : ASTECH

Turnover / export

Workforce : 5

North Africa 25 %
Near and Middle East 25 %
Sub-Saharan Africa 25 %
Asia 25 %


Defense / security & civil protection Defense / security & civil protection 25 %
Environment Environment 25 %
Mechanical industries Mechanical industries 25 %
Energy Energy 25 %


Design of hybrid airship Prototyping of airships Operational ex


Bureau d'études Prototypage (sol et vol) Base d'essais Instructeur ULM classe 5

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