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Contact : Mr SILVESTRI Clément

Salon du Bourget 2019 - Stand : G50

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MC2 Technologies, a French SME, develops innovative equipment for the protection of sensitive sites and infrastructures. Its main products are MM-Imager and UAVs Scram-blers. MM-Imager is a passive millimeter wave imager for the detection of hidden objects carried by people and offers unique performances with real-time operation, high detection level, wide field of view and good resolution while being totally harmless. This device is perfectly adapted for the security of train-stations, metros, airport halls, etc. SACOP is a security airlock transportable corridor composed by one or two MM-Imager for scanning moving persons in real time. Perfectly accommodate for high throughput in private or public areas avoiding queues. In front of the increasing threat of drones, MC2 Technologies develops UAVs Jammers - for drones’ neutralization- available in mobile and fixed versions. The proposed solutions jam all communications between a pilot and its drone. Useful against 98% of commercial drones and effective against hopping communication protocols, main error correction code used in telecommunication, UAVs and IEDs. Systems are completely harmless to the user and are efficient up to several kilometers. Jamming solutions can offer a directional protection with higher distances or a bubble of protection with an omnidirectional jamming.


Member of the cluster : GICAT, Safe Cluster, Cercle de l'Arbalète

Turnover / export

Workforce : 44



- Fixed and mobile drone jammers : Scrambler 1000, RJS, NEROD F5, Scrambler 300 - Phone jammers - IED jammers - Body scanner MM-Imager - Portable control lock

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